tirsdag 9. november 2010

My test of MacBook Air 11" 2010 model

Hello folks! This is my first blog (Wehoo). Just trying out this stuff and it seems interesting writing about stuff that I like and to share it with others :)

My MacBook Air 11" 1.4 Ghz 2GB RAM just arrived in my mail today and my first impression was: "Wow, is it really that small?"

The specs isnt the best there is, especially not if you take a look at the price compared with the hardware you get (USD 999).
It has a full sized keyboard which is great, but it dont have background light :-/

Anyway, I downloaded World of Warcraft to test the GPU / System performance, and man it runs amazingly well under "Good" settings. Some FPS problems in Dalaran and outside Dalaran (Roughly 10-15 fps), but I tested it only playing "on the fly" with the new Cataclysm launcher on 24% downloaded.

Now, why did I buy this? I already have a MacBook Pro 15" i7 2.66 Processor.
I just had to test it and I will definitely bring this laptop with me on small vacation trips and stuff and my MacBook Pro for longer vacations or work.

By the way, this machine is also excellent for writing blogs on-the-fly! Using it right now.

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